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For the Ultimate DIY project!

Custom Built Spas has Gone GREEN!!
We're doing our part to save trees and save paper. All my books now only come on Cd

All NEW! Premium Customer PACKAGE!

How To Build
Your Own Custom Spa, Hot Tub, Swim Spa or
Exercise Pool

VIDEO DVD/CD package

YOU ASKED FOR IT - YOU GOT IT!! Just released, my All NEW two and a half hour spa building video DVD where you can watch me build a new hot tub hands on from start to finish. I walk you through all the steps you might think would be difficult and make them easy for you!! PLUS you get all 5 of my other spa and hot tub books on Cd. This NEW PACKAGE has it all!!

You Get, My Version 1 masonry spa building book (Best Seller), it goes hand and hand with my new Spa Building Video DVD. My Version 1 Spa Building Book package has everything you need to know about building your own masonry Spa or Hot Tub from scratch! Learning how to build your own Spa or Hot Tub doesn't get any easier than this with my powerful NEW Video DVD/CD Book package Combo!

This package includes my Version 2 Spa building book, (Version 2 outlines building a spa or Hot Tub starting with a one piece pre-made shell). I show you how you can build a hot tub over the weekend!

Lastly, you get my "How To Build a Swim Spa" book, my "How to Build an Exercise pool" book and you get my super popular "Spa Secrets Revealed" book (bonus #3 book... all the things you need to know before you buy hot tub or spa if you choose not to build).

So, in this package: you get all 5 of my top selling spa books on a Cd, along with MY ALL NEW Spa and Hot Tub Building Video DVD. That's a $160.00 Value! This information is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars and many hours of wasted time! The introductory price is ONLY $79.95! 

Book covers on the left, cd covers and cd/dvd package on the right.
Note: the 5 books now come on a single cd, the DVD is separate

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Listen... I absolutely want you to make sure you know you got more than
your money's worth when you make your purchase from me! So to make sure you have absolutely no doubt about it, I'm also going to include FOUR incredibly special Bonuses...

SUPER BONUS #1: "The Best Part" When you're ready to build your own spa, hot tub or swim spa you get me as your personal building coach. This coaching help is FREE to all customers I provide information and parts packages to. Service like this is easily valued at a $150/hour or more just in consulting fees alone! With an order of of my Cd/DVD package your name automatically gets added to my active "Preferred Clients List" for one full year. As a "Preferred Client", when you're ready to build your own hot tub, you can contact Custom Built Spas anytime. Call or email me for design help, idea help, construction questions, discount hot tub building parts or any other hot tub or swim spa building questions you have!

SUPER BONUS #2: IF YOU ARE A DIY (Do It Yourself), guy or gal like me...YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE THIS ONE! "I LOVE IT Myself!" Along with my spa and hot tub Cd/DVD package, you're going to get 2 more very special books! My BRAND NEW "DIY Backyard Projects" book that I offer at my sister website, (click here for more details). And I will include an awesome Deck, Porch and Gazebo building book. BOTH books are yours FREE on a Cd! This is a $39.95 value all by itself and is a limited time offer! These two book are the perfect compliment information publications for many hot tub building projects or as individual projects. DIY Backyard Projects covers the basics you need to know for a number of really cool projects like, Fire Pits, Tiki Bars, Rain Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Boxes and more! Once again, I show you how to save a ton of money and get awesome results!

BONUS #3: Maybe after reading through hot tub building book package you decide this project is not for you after all. NO problem! I understand it's not for everybody. So in addition to the other FREE Bonuses, you'll get my "Spa Secrets Revealed" book! This book covers all the important questions you need to ask and the critical things you should know about spas and hot tubs before you make any purchase! This book alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and it's yours FREE! "Spa Secrets Revealed" is a $19.95 value.

BONUS #4: Get all my books for FREE! That's right FREE! After you've read through my hot tub building book package and you decide to build your own hot tub, using Custom Built Spas as your equipment supplier, you qualify for a 100% refund of your Cd/DVD package purchase. You'll get a refund check as a rebate on your equipment package purchase. That's a $79.95 value over and above any of the other equipment package discounts I give you! (shipping charges not included in refund)

So in addition to not just the package saving discounts,
you get well over $160 in extra value discounts and Bonuses!
(Plus my coaching help FREE!)

(Note: Bonus Packages are Subject to Change Without Notice)

So what Are you Waiting For?

And don't Forget! you have nothing to risk, Not One Red Cent with my 1 year money back guarantee!

Click on "Add To Cart" and let's get the process started!
I'm already excited for you and I'm looking forward to working with you!
"I'll get you hot without spending a lot"

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Special Note to my many European Customers!
With favorable exchange rates between the Euro and US Dollar, building a spa or hot tub can be more affordable than ever before! Even with overseas shipping costs, (delivery within 4-6days) and if any import duties apply, if we supply your spa equipment, you will still save a bundle of money on a new Custom Built Spa or Hot Tub!

Mail in order instructions USA ONLY!
Select the cd/dvd Spa Building Package $79.95.
Add to that: $4.95 for standard shipping (USA only)
or Add $7.95 for Priority Mail
or ADD $19.95 for Overnight delivery.
Send a Check or Money Order (Payable to Custom Built Spas) to:
Custom Built Spas
47 Harding Street
Wethersfield CT 06109 USA

Make sure to include your EXACT shipping address information!

Learn how to build your own hot tub, spa or swim spa yourself with the number one best selling hot tub building books and video DVD written and produced by an industry recognized expert.

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