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When you see a swim spa at someone's home or vacation getaway, you know that person enjoys a certain amount of luxury in life. If you thought that having your own swim spa would set you back a good 20,000 dollars, think again. Custom Built Spas offers you the knowledge and step-by-step advice to build your own swim spa for a fraction of its retail cost.

In 1999, the founder of Custom Built Spas, Gene Trumbull, used his extensive building knowledge to put together a clear, concise set of books on CD along with a DVD on building hot tubs, spas, and swim spas. Building your own is easier than you think. You get not only a spectacular result, but also the pride that comes from building it, and, of course, thousands of dollars in savings.

For just $79.95, you'll receive not only the Swim Spa Building Book in a CD set, you'll also get four incredible bonuses thrown in. Custom Built Spas Version 1 Spa Building book, the newest Version 2 Spa Building Book on CD, a free CD on deck and gazebo building, plus their exceptional Spa Secrets Revealed CD. This package also includes a two and a half hour DVD showing Gene building a spa! On top of that, you can get personal coaching from Gene Trumbull as you build your own spa or swim spa.

All that's worth well over 10 times the actual cost of the package. If you decide not to build within 365 days of purchase, just return the materials and receive all of your money back. You have literally nothing to lose by working with Custom Built Spas. Order online or email for more information!

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