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If you've realized that it's possible to build your own hot tub, then congratulations--you're halfway there. Far too many people have never considered this possibility, leading some to pay exorbitant prices for inferior products and installation. At Custom Built Spas, they long ago discovered that there is a step-by-step approach to building the hot tub of your dreams, for up to 80 percent off the cost of buying it at retail.

Custom Built Spas gives do-it-yourselfers an incredible opportunity with easy-to-follow books on CDs and a DVD that lead you all the way through the project. You'll actually get to build your own hot tub! The books on CDs from Custom Built Spas are for all skill levels, so if you're better with plumbing than masonry, for instance, Custom Built Spas has you covered.

Since 1999, Custom Built Spas has become the largest provider of do-it-yourself hot tub, spa, and swim spa building information available onCDs and DVD. The many testimonials here on this website give you an idea of just how simple Custom Built Spas can make it for you. If you've always dreamed of having a hot tub as your own personal, in-home getaway, then your answer is here--that dream is closer than you think.

If you order now, you'll receive outstanding bonuses, including personal coaching from the founder of Custom Built Spas, Gene Trumbull. You'll save up to 500 dollars in consulting fees just for buying the book and CD package. Order your books or CDs online today and discover the smart way to build your own hot tub! Just email Gene with any questions at

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