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If you think buying a spa is expensive and building your own is difficult, you're only half right. Designing and creating your own spa, hut tub, or swim spa can save you 80 percent off the cost of buying a generic one off the shelf, and putting one together is easier than you might imagine. With simple instructions, the books and CDs offered by Custom Built Spas make building a custom tub a simple and affordable process for anyone.

Since 1999, Custom Built Spas has been the number one source for do-it-yourself spa and hot tub construction information. With customers in nearly two dozen countries, they've cornered the market on affordable custom spa building instruction. Check out their site and see for yourself; there are dozens of personalized hot tubs that were built for less than 5,000 dollars each.

The secret is doing it yourself. Instead of buying pre-fabricated spas in a limited number of color and style configurations, when you build your own, you can customize it as much as you like. Whether you prefer to put one in your basement or in your backyard, Custom Built Spas will give you the instruction you need to get the tub you want.

If you act now, you'll receive a number of bonus gifts, too, including CDs that will help you build your own deck, porch or gazebo. The best way to highlight your self-built spa is to surround it with a deck designed for beauty, strength, and endurance. With a money-back guarantee, you have no reason not to try doing it yourself--with a little help from Custom Built Spas! Call them toll-free or email your questions to

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