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Building a spa sounds like a big project, which is why they cost so much, right? Wrong! Spas cost more than they need to because contractors sell them as luxury items with all sorts of gimmicky bells and whistles thrown in. For a fraction of the cost, you can build your own custom spa. It's easier than you'd think.

In 1999, builder and contractor Gene Trumbull decided to build his own spa, as commercial spa builders quoted him 12,000 dollars and up to build it for him. He built his own, and in the process, he put all his research together in a book for do-it-yourselfers who wanted to tackle their own spas and hot tubs. Custom Built Spas is now the top seller of do-it-yourself spa building books on CDs and video DVD.

These helpful materials cover every step you'll need in the hottest home improvement project today: building a spa. Including more than 15 years' building experience, plenty of research, and a no-risk guarantee, Gene Trumbull's books are ideal for people with limited handyman experience as well as for those who are completely comfortable strapping on the tool belt. Plus, you'll learn some of the secrets behind spa building that commercial spa builders don't want you to know.

The Custom Built Spas website has dozens of self-built, affordable spas, many of which cost their builders under 5,000 dollars; you can also read testimonials from satisfied customers. If you think you can't build a spa, think again. The books on CDs and DVDfrom Custom Built Spas will convince you that you can. Just call or email to get started!

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