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Do It Yourself Hot Tub Story

Feb 17, 2016 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

A FAMILIAR STORY… most of you have probably heard the story of Jack and Jill and how they went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, right? Well here’s another Jack and Jill story you haven’t heard where Jack and Jill lived on that hill and it’s all about a Do It Yourself Hot Tub.

Jack was young budding attorney who recently passed his bar exam and got an entry level position with a local law firm. His wife Jill just past her CPA exam and got a job with a local accounting firm. Not a bad start for this younger couple.

Now Jacks father was a professional carpenter and taught him many of his woodworking skills as he grew up. Jill’s mother on the other hand was a homemaker, (stay at home mom), and was very talented working with a numerous arts and crafts. She always encouraged Jill to be creative as well.


Both Jack and Jill’s jobs added a certain amount of stress to their lives, but they both used the skills they learned from their parents growing up as a way of enjoying a little stress relief. Doing something enjoyable that was completely opposite of what they did at work.

However, what they really wanted to find was something they could enjoy together as stress relief. One day a neighbor couple invited them to come over that evening to enjoy their new hot tub with them. Jack and Jill were thrilled about this and eagerly accepted the invitation.


When they slide down into the warm bubbling water for the first time, it was only a few minutes when they commented to each other how relaxing this felt and that it was definitely something they could enjoy together after a long work day.

Later that evening while lying in bed, Jacks mind was racing. He really loved how great he felt after that hot tub session. Jill was equally impressed, and they discussed the idea of maybe getting one for themselves. They agreed to talk more about it the next day and drifted off to sleep.

The next day at work Jacks mind wandered off many times thinking about a hot tub. He loved the experience but he wasn’t so impressed with what he felt was a lack of seating comfort and he felt it would be so much nicer if the water depth could be increased. He decided he would do some research on hot tubs when he got home later.

That evening, after about an hour or so of searching the “net”, Jack was coming to the realization that just about all of these store bought spas and hot tubs where pretty much the same basic structure with more or less amenities you could decide to add on.

THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT.. A Do it Yourself Hot tub

He was a little frustrated, but a thought flashed through his mind of something he father used to say to him all the time. “Son, if I can’t find what I want, then I just make it myself”. And that was Jacks light bulb moment. “Maybe I could make a hot tub myself, a real do it yourself hot tub”. He told Jill about what he was thinking and her only comment was, “I trust your judgement Jack, do it if you think you can”.

Jack realized his skills as a handyman were somewhat limited but he felt confident that he could build a do it yourself hot tub if someone could just show him what had to do. It was in his next round of searching the “net” that he found me, Gene Trumbull, owner of Custom Built Spas”. He saw that I offered an information package that provided all the details you needed to know to build a do it yourself hot tub. He also saw that I offered to help customers with their do it yourself hot tub projects for free! Jack was excited, but he was also skeptical. Why is this the only guy I could find offering this kind of information and this kind of deal? “I’ll call him tomorrow,” he said to himself!


The next day was a Saturday and I was in my office checking emails when I got Jacks first call. Jack was pleasant enough but I could tell he was a little skeptical and he asked if I would mind answering some questions he had. I said of course not fire away! His single biggest concern turned out to be, why was I the only one he could find making the kind of offer that I do, helping customers until their projects were done for free?

I said, “Jack, a few years back I was right where you are now. I wanted to build a do it yourself hot tub but I could find any real information on doing it. I realized I found a niche market that need to be filled, and the rest is history”. I also mentioned to him that I didn’t like the fact that so many people that sell on the internet hide behind their websites or email, you can’t talk to them. I was going to be different, where my customers can always get hold of me. Jack bought my information package, we had several more conversations about the do it yourself hot tub he wanted and over the next couple of months I helped him get exactly what he wanted for him and his wife.


Jack would often start a conversation with me by saying, “Gene, I hate to bother you again, but…” And I would always say, “Jack, you’re not bothering me, you’re actually helping me. The more questions you ask the more I realize that I have material that needs to be added to my information package. (Over time my basic spa building book grew from 52 pages to 99 pages all because of the questions my customers would ask me. Plus I added a two and a half hour video to the package).

You know how they always used to say that guys didn’t like to stop and ask for directions when they are driving, that problem was solved with GPS. By the same token, sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get customers to ask me questions. When I explained to them that their questions helped me make my product better, then they would ask away. (people like helping people but they hate to ask for help).

The nature of most guys is that they don’t want to look stupid so they won’t ask a question when they should. For me that was never the case of them looking stupid, it showed me that I couldn’t assume someone would know what I was talking or writing about. What I found was that for some people certain things took more explanation than things for other people. So to all my customers and the hundreds of question you’ve been kind enough to ask me, THANK YOU! See more projects at


So I admit I changed the names of my customers in this story and I did add some minor embellishments, but for the most part this was how the story went with one my earlier customers. Although he lived a few states away from me at the time, I did make the trip to visit him once and see his project up front. Not only was I impressed with the spa project he did, I was impressed with some of the wood working jobs this guy did also. His father taught him well.


“What can I say, Gene’s materials and supplies arrived on time, were of the highest quality and most importantly, he was available throughout the process. His knowledge and skill are unsurpassed! He handles your questions and issues with respect and has practical solutions that are invaluable. A do it yourself hot tub is a great project for a do-it-yourselfer! With Gene’s coaching help, our family ended up with an impressive spa at far less than the cost for a portable spa or a commercial built spa. Our friends and neighbors can’t believe we did this ourselves. We are looking forward too many seasons in our new home built spa”. -Tony F. Attorney PA

So how about you? Ready to talk about a project for you and your family?

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