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Hot Tub Performance

Apr 6, 2017 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than just buying a new hot tub, getting it home, getting it all set up, jumping in, hitting the jets button, only to find the hot tub performance is not what you expected. This actually happens a lot more than you would think! Why?

Let’s dive into this and see how this could have happened! First, you did your homework, you did your “research” on the hot tub you bought and the company that makes it, (I’m not going to get into brands here). All looked good and the manufacturer has been around for years. When you went to the dealer they had the one you wanted on the showroom floor operating and your eyes lit up.

The salesman started in on his speech and demonstration, trying to impress you more and more about this particular hot tub model. The more he talked the more excited you got, (some of these salespeople are pretty slick). He kept painting this relaxing picture of you and your wife sitting in your new hot tub sipping on couple of those cocktails (with the little umbrella), and every question you asked he had the answer you wanted to hear. He convinced you that for your money you wouldn’t get better hot tub performance. And, the deal he could give you today could not be repeated tomorrow. Anyone ever hear that line before? Of course you have, and you buy it.

So out the door you and your wife go, big smiles and a much thinner wallet. What you don’t realize is that both of you have already made a few big mistakes with this purchase. I’m only going to talk about one of them here, the rest can all be found in my book “Spa Secrets Revealed” a Free bonus book in my “Build Your Own Hot Tub Information Package”. (Come on, you know I have to pitch my info package).

Hot tub performance must do’s

So, here’s the first big mistake. Did you know that you can do what we call a “wet test” for a hot tub before you buy it? No, well you can and you should. It’s the best way to compare hot tub performance, model for model. If you’re hot tub shopping, bring your bathing suits and towels. If you can’t try it out, don’t buy it or go somewhere else where you can. Would you buy a car without test driving, I hope not! So why not test a hot tub before you buy it? Most reputable dealers will let you do this and are set up for doing this. And don’t just test one, test several. If a dealer says the deal he can give you now can’t be repeated after you leave, that’s just a bunch of B.S., don’t fall for it. I guarantee you, what he can sell to you for today, is the same tomorrow and all week!

By wet testing several hot tubs you will be much better equipped to evaluate hot tub performance. A spa or hot tub with a zillion jets doesn’t make it a better hot tub by any stretch of the word. Hot tub performance is determined by a number of variables. However, here is what salespeople always dwell on, horse power and the number of jets the tub has compared to some other brand.

You might hear the salesperson say, “ya, this baby’s got 5HP and 50 jets, the other guys tub only has 3HP and 25jets”. This might be true but here is where the disconnect is. There are several ways to determine HP. You don’t care about “starting” HP, you don’t care about “Peak” HP, (I call them B.S. HP). You only really care about running or true HP. A 3HP (true HP) pump can outperform a 5 “Peak” HP pump. As a rule, the amount of water flowing through a jet is what gives you the feeling of the jet. A jet with a flow rate of 5gpm, (gallons per minute) is going to feel pretty weenie compared to a jet with a flow rate of 10gpm.

There is a substantial difference in feeling of many jets with a low flow rate vs. fewer jets with a large broadcast and higher flow rate. This hot tub performance is something you will physically be able to feel when doing a “wet test” comparison. There are quite a number of other nuances that affect hot tub performance but the number of jets and jets performance is where everyone really gets hung up on. My book “Spa Secrets” covers all of them.

Lastly, a quick comparison of a “Custom Built Spa or Hot Tub” … I know what you’re saying to yourself, here comes the pitch again! You’re right in part but this is what we do. A DIY hot tub may not be for you and that’s ok, but what I can tell you is that in over 17 years of helping people build their own hot tubs, I have never had one customer complain about hot tub performance. I teach them how to build kick ass hot tubs if that’s what they want, or I can show them how to tame it down for those who want it tame. Either way you go, I can assure you that I will help you outfit your Custom Built Spa with the right number of jets and the right amount of HP to get the hot tub performance that’s just right for you.

If you ultimately decide you would rather buy a hot tub then build one, I get it, no problem. But I can assure you that you want to read my “Spa Secrets” book first. In it I show you all the things you need to know before making a hot tub purchase so you don’t get ripped off!

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