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Do It Yourself Hot tub Eric E. WA

Eric E.

Hi Gene, it was a total pleasure working with you. You are a class act with a genuine and insightful level of service to your customers that non only provides the confidence needed to make it through the entire project, but makes the project a whole lot of fun along the way!

The detailed information, insight and instructions provided by Gene and Custom Build Spas were absolutely invaluable to our project. During the pandemic, we decided that building a hot tub was the perfect family project. Given the scope of this type project and having Gene just an email or phone call away to help guide our effort was incredible. Gene’s knowledge of absolutely all aspects of the project, including design, equipment, plumbing, and water chemistry, gave us the confidence to muscle through such a diverse and fun journey. Since all customers and locations are different and each project has its own nuances, Gene quickly adapts his advice to the fit your specific needs. He does this with a smile and a level of responsiveness unfortunately is rarely seen these days. I highly recommend Gene and the services of Custom Build Spas (book, videos, and equipment package) for your hot tub project.”

-Eric E. -Bellevue WA