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Jim S.

“The spa construction methods offered by Gene Trumbull and Custom Built Spas are comprehensive, easy to follow, and truly do allow home owners with average tool using skills and a little common sense to build a spa that will rival anything out there.  The initial purchase of the spa equipment pack and construction manual are only the beginning of a rewarding spa building experience though.  Gene makes himself available for guidance and problem solving on line, and by phone, and provides a level of service that is hard to find anywhere.  The equipment packages offered by Custom Built Spas provide exceptional value, and once you start your project, Gene Truly does become your “personal spa building coach”.  The service doesn’t stop when your project is finished, however.  When maintenance or repairs are required, Gene continues to make himself available to help diagnose any potential problems and coach you through any needed maintenance.”

-Jim S. – MO

Tiled Custom Built Spa in eye catching setting

Gorgeous setting for newly completed Custom Built Spa