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    “The spa construction methods offered by Gene Trumbull and Custom Built Spas are comprehensive, easy to follow, and truly do allow home owners with average tool using skills and a little common sense to build a spa that will rival anything out there. -Jim S

“FREE” Personal One-On-One Coaching Help From an Industry Recognized Expert!

“The BEST Part” – When you’re ready to build your own DIY spa, hot tub or swim spa, you get me as your personal spa building “Coach”! This Coaching help is a FREE service I provide to customers who get my Ultimate Guide and spa parts packages. I continue to work with you and help you with your spa or hot tub project until it is done and up and running! You can call or email me for help with your ideas, designs or construction questions anytime during your hot tub project! Anyone ever offer you that kind of help or service before?

Get “Realistic” Highly Detailed Hot Tub Building Instructions That you can Actually use!

You’ve probably seen some of the spa building video clips on YouTube. A number of the clips shown are not only outrageous and unrealistic projects, they can lack important details that can make them downright dangerous. Many pictures and clips feature obnoxious projects I wouldn’t dream of putting in anyone’s backyard!

My instructions Are Complete!

They show you exactly how to build a “High Quality” spa, hot tub or swim spa that you can be proud of and can afford! With thousands of spa, hot tub and swim spa information packages sold, plus spas and hot tubs built in 49 out of 50 US States as well as completed projects in 15 different countries, we must be doing something right! My information package offers an incredible value and I provide personal customer service that is all but unheard of from any company!

All in One” Incredible Information Package! All books have the latest revisions and updates!

When you purchase my Ultimate Guide package you not only get “Instant Access” to my NEW 2-1/2 hour Spa and Hot Tub video, where you can watch me build a spa from start to finish, you also get “Instant Access” to all 6 of my spa building e-books that you can start reading right away and as a “Bonus”, you get “Instant Access” to 2 more books. My Brand New “DIY Backyard Projects” Book and a free Deck Building Book. The DIY Backyard Projects book shows you even more really cool projects that can compliment your spa or hot tub! Projects like how to build Fire Pits, Tiki Bars, Rain Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Boxes and more! I show you over a dozen tips and tricks on how to save even more money and at the same time, get awesome professional results!! With this information package you get access to a total of 8 Books in all, PLUS the – 2-1/2hr  Spa and Hot tub building DVD! (Heck, I have customers buying my Ultimate Guide package just to get my special DIY Backyard Projects bonus books)!

I’m Absolutely Confident In The Content And Quality Of The Information Package That I Provide!

So much so that I will make this unheard of offer and challenge to you. If you can find any other information package on Spa and Hot Tub building that offers more quality, more detail and more support than what I offer, I will not only double your money back that you paid me, I will pay you the cost you paid to purchase the other information package!

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