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  • Get my “Award Winning” Hot Tub Building Information Package today (voted the #1 How to DIY information guide for building spas, hot tubs and plunge pools) which includes 6 books packed with priceless information. Plus, now you get two videos of actual build projects start to finish! Sit back and watch as I take you through each step needed to complete your own spa or hot tub.
  • If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get two FREE bonus books covering more must-have DIY
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  • Custom Built Spas’ “How-To” Information Package is the “gold standard” for DIY directions on
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Meet the Expert, Gene Trumbull

Established in 1999 by Gene Trumbull, Custom Built Spas was started as a Veteran Owned Business. Gene understands the satisfaction fellow DIYers get by being able to construct and complete different kinds of projects. While looking into building a hot tub, he also realized there was a serious lack of comprehensive instructions for this type of project. The few tutorials he managed to find yielded sub-par results or lacked many essential details. Therefore, Gene made it his mission to turn building a spa, hot tub, or swim spa into a very doable, high-quality DIY undertaking.

Since then, Gene has become one of the nation’s leading authorities on the subject. He has been interviewed by industry magazines such as Pool & Spa News, and articles from his project manuals have been featured on prominent “handyman” websites. Gene has helped countless homeowners complete projects in the US, as well as countries around the world.

Get your very own information package today, and let Gene become your personal spa-building coach. That’s a one-of-a-kind service you won’t find anywhere else. Discover what you can accomplish by reading through the testimonials page and seeing the beautiful spas Gene’s customers have built.

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Real Results from our customers and others

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  • Don't let travel restrictions spoil your summer! Now would be a great time to build your own DIY  hot tub! Custom Built Spas information package not only explains exactly how to build your hot tub  or plunge pool, our videos will show you all the details you need to know to build it. Visit Now! #DIY, #swlmspas,  #buildahottub, #buildaspa, #backyardhottubs, #buildaplungepool .
  • The hot tub shown above was actually built inside of an existing large swimming pool by one of our California customers. Now this not  a typical DIY hot tub project but our customer did an excellent job. You don't have to do a hot tub like that but you certainly could do a more traditional DIY hot tub. Custom Built Spas will not only show you how to build your own hot tub, we can help you every step of the way. Visit: and see how we can help you you! #DIY, #buildahottub, #buildaspa, #buildaplungepool, #buildaswimspa .
  • There are so many ways you can build a DIY hot tub! Custom Built Spas takes the No Rules approach! However you want to build your hot tub, we can show you how and we can help you build it! Visit and see what we can do for you! #DIY,  #buildahottub,  #buildaspa,  #buildaplungepool, #buildaswimspa
  • How would this plunge pool look in your backyard? Did you know you can build this as a DIY project? And how about if you had an industry expert helping you every step of the way! FOR FREE! Visit and see what we have to offer and how we can help you!
  • In a few short weeks spring will be here! Custom Built Spas is ready and waiting to help you build your DIY hot tub, spa or plunge pool. Make more time for you and your family to relax and soak this  year and  let us help you every step of the way with your project. Visit and see how we can help you! #DIY, #hottubs, #plungepools, #smallpools
  • There are so many ways to build a DIY hot tub, small plunge pool, swimspa etc. We like to say No Rules. It can be in ground, above ground, any shape or size you want. Visit,, see what we can offer you! Remember, our help is always FREE! #DIY,  #swlmspas, #plungepools, #smallpools.
  • Make 2020 the year you get that hot tub you have always wanted! Maybe you wanted a swimspa or plunge pool of your own. Custom Built Spas will not only show you how to build your own, we will help you every step of the way for FREE! Visit and see what we can do for you! #DIY, #hottubs, #buildahottub, #buildaswimspa, #plungepools, #buildaplungepool.
  • Don't buy a hot tub, build one with the free help of an industry expert. Visit: #buildahottub, #DIY, #buildaspa, #backyardhottubs, #buildaswimspa, #diyplungepools
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