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Why buy a hot tub?

When you can build one!

How to Build a Hot Tub
Professional Instructions Produce Incredible Results!

Learn How to Build Your Own Custom Hot Tub, Swimspa, Spa or Plunge Pool!

  • Get The Ultimate Hot Tub Building Guide, a Guide Featuring all the Detailed Information You Need to Know for Building Your Own Spa, Hot Tub, Plunge Pool, Cocktail Pool, Swim Spa or Exercise Pool!
  • This package includes 6 E-Books Packed with Spa and Hot Tub Building Information and Knowledge, Plus 2.5 Hours of Video Instruction Where You Are Walked Through Each of the "How to do it steps" required for building your own Spa or Hot Tub start to finish!
  • You Also Get 2 DIY Bonus Books covering more awesome must have backyard projects that are easy to do! That's a total of 8 books - all are my latest revisions with all my latest money saving tips and updates!
  • Here's the best part! As my customer you'll get FREE Unlimited Email and Over-the-Phone Consultation from me, an Industry Recognized Expert. - I give you personal one on one Coaching help until your project is complete and is up and running!

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Meet the Expert, Gene Trumbull

Custom Built Spas is A Veteran Owned Business established in 1999 by Gene Trumbull. Gene understands the desire and satisfaction fellow DIY (do it yourself) enthusiasts get by being able to construct different kinds of projects by themselves. What he also came to understand was when he was looking into building a hot tub, there was virtually no real quality DIY information available anywhere for doing this type of project. Oh sure you could find a few videos on YouTube with all kinds of crazy ways to construct a spa or hot tub. But most of this stuff quite honestly, produced results you would not be proud to have in your backyard.

In addition, the information you could find, lacked far too many important essential details, critical to someone working to complete a successful spa or hot tub project. Armed with that knowledge, Gene made it his mission and desire to turn building a spa or hot tub into a very doable, high quality DIY project not only for himself, but for others as well. Long story short that was over 17 years ago!

Since then, Gene has become one of the nations recognized leading authorities on spa, hot tub, swim spa, plunge pool, cocktail pool and exercise pool building. He has been interviewed by industry magazines such as Pool & Spa News and articles on his project manuals have been posted on several prominent "handyman" web sites over the last several years, plus he has countless customer completed projects not just in the US but around the world!

Here's what's so unique about what Gene and Custom Built Spas offers to anyone buying his spa, hot tub and swim spa building information package, they can get FREE one on one personalized coaching help on their own project until it’s done! As Gene puts it, “I become your personal spa building Coach!” Think about this, who offers that kind of service these days? Go ahead and read through the rest of site pages and get excited about what you are about to learn.

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Real Results from our clients and others

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  • Who doesn't love a waterfall feature on a hot tub. All Custom Built Spas and Hot Tubs can easily be fitted with this type of feature. We can show you how to make the fixture itself for less than $25! Visit for more information. #DIYHOTTUB,  # waterfalls, #backyardprojects, #buildyourownspa, #DIY, #plungepool, #swimspa, #homeimprovement, #custombuiltspas
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