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Custom Built Spas FAQ

    1. What are your hot tubs made of?
      A. My instructions cover building a masonry hot tub or starting with a pre-made shell.


    1. Are these in-ground hot tubs?
      A. The can be in-ground, partially in-ground, above ground or in a deck surround.


    1. How big are these hot tubs?
      A. There are no size restrictions as what you typically find with portable type hot tubs.


    1. How much do these hot tubs cost?
      A. Cost, like anything else, varies greatly. The range can be from around 4K to as much as 10K. Depends on the size, where you build it and how you outfit your hot tub.


    1. How are these hot tubs heated?
      A. Just like portable tubs, they can be heated with electric heaters, natural gas or propane heaters.


    1. Does building these hot tubs require any special skills?
      A. My building information books and videos teach you everything you need to know regardless of your skills. Plus, you can always call me or email me with questions or for any help you may need.


    1. Are these hot tubs built just outdoors?
      A. No, you can build a hot tub outdoors, indoors, in a basement, anywhere it works for you.


    1. Where can I get all the parts for building a hot tub?
      A. Custom Built Spas can supply everything you need, (equipment and special fittings), for your hot tub project delivered right to your door.


    1. Will these hot tubs take value away from my home?
      A. In many cases, it will be just the opposite. Permanently installed hot tubs can actually add equity value to your home, unlike portable spas that add no value.


    1. I live in a cold climate area. Will, I still be able to build my own hot tub?
      A. Absolutely! I outline multiple ways to set your hot tub up for year round use if choose to do that in any climate of the country.


    1. Can these hot tubs be tiled?
      A. Yes, you can do a tile finish, partial tile and paint finish or an all spa paint finish.


    1. Will I have to worry about the hot tub walls leaking?
      A. Leaks can happen with any type of hot tub. But, if you follow my build process and waterproofing process, exactly as I give instructions for, the chance of leakage is extremely low. Every process and product we use has been field tested many times over to give you the utmost reliability.


    1. Are these hot tubs covered?
      A. Yes, in almost all instances we highly recommend covering your hot tub when not in use. We can provide you with sources for high quality covers made right in the US and delivered right to your door.