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Aug 14, 2016 | Swim Spas

Over the last several years Swim Spas have grown in popularity. Having a swim spa is a great way to get an all-around workout as well as a great way to get the cardio vascular system pumping. You can get a controlled low impact work out that is much less strenuous on you joints and limbs.

Most of you have probably seen ads on TV for swim spas or seen then at home shows, county fairs etc. Right away you may be thinking that there are going to be a few big challenges for you to own one of the many units that are available from retailers.

Cost is big factor that could be a deal killer for you and would not be wrong to think that. Quality swim spas can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 installed up and running. That’s a lot of money to lay out, and most of us on a tight budget probably feel we have more pressing things to spend our money on. So the dream of ownership just fades away. Stay with me though, I may have a practical answer for you.

The second biggest obstacle for many potential buyers is “space”. If you don’t have a big enough area on your property to place one of these swim spas you’re likely going to have to pass on the purchase too. Space is definitely an issue as some swim spas can be as much as 18 feet long and maybe even 8 feet wide. Even if you had the space to place a unit, the cost of having to hire a crane to lift it and place it in that area may be too much extra cost.

So, as much as you would be excited to own a swim spa, you just might not be able to get around these two big obstacles. But wait, don’t give up hope yet! I may have just the answer for you. How about you “build” your own Swim Spa! Swim spas are not much more than an over grown spa or hot tub. I’ve been teaching people how to build their own spas or hot tubs for over 16 years and several years back I added a book on building swims spas to my info package.

Here are a couple examples of Swim Spas:

example: spa, spool, swim spa combo  swim spa underconstruction


Swim Spa under construction spa swim spa combination

I know for a fact that I can save you as much as 80% over the cost of owning a store bought swim spa. I can also show you how to keep the size down to something more practical for your yard and save you several thousand dollars more in the process. If you visit my website,, you’ll see where I offer books and a video in a comprehensive info package to build one these projects. Not only will I provide all the information you need, I can provide you all the equipment you will need and I offer “free” coaching help to all my customers choosing to build one of our spas or swim spas until their project is completed.

Even if you have the most basic DIY skills, I can still help you complete a unit that will hold its own against any of the store bought swim spas sold by dealers. So what are you waiting for? Check out my information, it has a 100% money back guarantee, review my testimonials page and see what other customers have said. I’m already looking forward to working with you!

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I will teach and help you with everything you need to know about building your own spa, hot tub, or swim spa yourself, regardless of what your DIY skill levels are and at a cost, YOU determine YOU can afford. As my customer, I’ll work with you at your own pace until your project is done and comes to life! For over 25 years now I’ve been helping people just like you, build their own hot tubs, spas, and swim spa projects. So, are you’re ready to let me help you build your project? Then what are you waiting for, let’s do this!

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