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Our home had an old Foxx in-ground vinyl pool that required repairs on a regular basis and as it was nearing 40 years in age it needed to be “retired”.  Not ready to give up on having a backyard water feature we considered our wish list:

  • no need for 28,000 gallons of water with an 8’ deep end
  • it would be great to use it more than just the summer season in Wisconsin
  • my wife’s skin would appreciate less chlorination
  • and what was going to happen with the existing “hole-in-the-ground”

Searching the internet, we came across Gene Trumbull’s Custom Built Spas website and discovered the concept of building your own. It seemed that this was the solution that would fulfill our needs and allow us to create something unique to fit our space. We purchased the spa construction package and started to plan our new water space.

With a basic understanding of how we were going to build a spa my wife and I began the process of deciding on the multitude of details including shape, internal layout, colors, hardscaping materials and plantings to name just a few. As we moved toward spring it was great to have Gene available via phone (multiple times) to consult with us on the implementation of our “non-basic” idea and when it came time to spec the spa mechanical’s he was there to advise and assist.

The overall project challenged many of my self-taught skills in plumbing, masonry, carpentry and landscaping but the end result speaks for itself in the pictures. Our backyard, or The Spa as we refer to it, is great and we anticipate years of enjoyment soaking in the comfort of our labors.

Thanks for all your help Gene!
Russ M. WI

DIY backyard hot tub

Beautiful back yard spa


Derek D.

Derek D.

Hello Gene, sorry it took so long to get these pictures to you. We actually sold this property a...

Joe S St John

Joe S St John

Gene is the Real Deal! He guided us from start to finish on our build of a hot tub on the island...

Izzi S. Ellington, CT

Izzi S. Ellington, CT

Hi, Gene... Although I had no experience in this type of project at all, I took the leap of faith...



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