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Catch The DIY Wave and Build Your Own Backyard Retreat

Oct 26, 2021 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

Now You Can Learn How To Build Your Own Hot Tub, Swim Spa, Plunge pool, or Exercise pool… catch the DIY rage!

It has been an unprecedented year for Custom Built Spas. So many people have had to change their travel and vacation plans this year because of Covid 19. This has led to a huge increase of homeowners taking on DIY projects for their homes. People are saying that if they can’t travel to a resort, why not turn our backyard into a resort-type setting that we can enjoy anytime we want and not have to worry about dealing with the pandemic and all its restrictions.

For over 21 years…

Custom Built Spas has provided DIYers the most complete and detailed information packages on Spa, Hot tub, Swim Spa, and Plunge Pool buildings that can you find anywhere period! Our information package is the #1 Best Selling, Most Comprehensive collection of information in this arena that you can find anywhere… Period!! Nobody offers a bigger or better information package for these types of projects and nobody offers the level of personal coaching help that you get with Custom Built Spas! Beware of the phonies out there trying to copy what we do! They will waste your time and waste your money! Our customer testimonials say it all.

One thing you need to be aware of and I have seen this myself, new online websites are sprouting up claiming to offer what we offer here at Custom Built Spas. Well, you know the old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and we are flattered! But there is a problem here that you must be aware of. Some of these sites claim to offer complete free details for these projects. I can tell you; I have checked out what they offer, and so many important details are left out, you would be hard-pressed to complete a successful project.

They generalize so much of the details needed to make proper equipment choices you would not be able to choose correctly and that could put you in danger. These sites never have anybody you can personally contact for help or advice on your project and no one will be there to help you make proper equipment choices or show you how to install them. At Custom Built Spas we do all this for you and a lot more!!

Custom Built Spas caters to individuals from all professions, all walks of life, and all around the world who embrace the idea of building projects with their own hands, not always just to save money, but for the satisfaction of sitting back and proudly saying, “I built that myself” and it’s something our family can enjoy for years to come!

For some of you, taking on a DIY project like the ones we outline, might feel a bit overwhelming. However, Custom Built Spas does not just provide an information package, we also provide ongoing FREE personal help with your project from start to finish, and we can provide all the equipment you need to outfit your project as well. I make myself available by phone, email, video chat, and sometimes even a personal visit to a customer’s project to provide first-hand how to help! Custom Built Spas is dedicated to your success, so take a minute to read a few of our hundreds of customer testimonials if you are the least bit skeptical or need proof of the fact that we do what we say we do.

We Added Swim-spas along with our DIY Hot Tubs

Over the years, we have expanded our expertise and information package to not only include hot tubs and spas, but swim spas, (we can put together custom performance packages tailored to your swimming needs). Plus, over the last few years, we have added information on building, plunge pools, cocktail pools, exercise pools, and “spools”, (spa pools). What you will find interesting is that the basic DIY construction method for all these types of projects is remarkably similar. What changes is how you outfit your unit and the size you make it, and with our plans, there are no rules! Everything is customized to fit the space you have to work with.

Custom Built Spas has customer-built spas, hot tubs, swim spas, plunge pools, etc., built in every US State of the union except Alaska. We also have customer-completed projects in 14 countries outside the US as well! There are DIYers in countries all around the world, and we love helping them.

The amount of money you can save on these types of DIY projects is incredible! I get calls from people all the time looking to have a spa or hot tub built by a commercial contractor, but when they start seeing quotes of twenty thousand, thirty thousand or more, they get very depressed. They search the internet for more options and if they are lucky enough they find me and they get excited again. For those of you willing to do all or most of the work yourselves, you will spend an average of five to seven thousand on a commercial style spa or hot tub, seven to ten thousand on a swim spa, and as little as four to five thousand on a nice relaxing cocktail or plunge pool. That is significant savings in anybody’s book. Not only that, in most areas of the country, you can add a respectable amount of equity value to your home. Often much more than the amount you spent on your project, translating to a 100% return on your efforts.

DIYers are confident as ever!

2022 will be the year of the DIYers! Jobs will be coming back, wages will go up, employment rates will come back down, projects you put off in the past can be undertaken with confidence! If it is a spa, hot tub, swimspa, plunge pool, or another project like one of these, Custom Built Spas is ready to help! Get our info package, read through our information, watch our videos, call me if you have questions, and let us get going on a project for you and your family!

DIY customer built hot tub  Round DIY hot tub

custom rain wall water feature  Spool or Plunge Pool Example  

Custom Built Spas want to help you build a hot tub, spa, plunge pool, cocktail pool, party pool, or swimspa in your backyard! You will get everything you need to know on how to do your project right from my information package and from me, “your personal spa building coach”.

Thanks for the visit! Hope to hear from you soon!

Gene Trumbull
Custom Built Spas

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Remember, my Mission is to help you, as my customer, build a beautiful hot tub of your own! I can show you how to build Spas, Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Plunge Pools, Cocktail Pools or Exercise Pools at incredibly affordable prices! Everything you need to know is outlined in my series of easy-to-follow books and videos that cover a simple, step-by-step process that I’ve developed and refined over the years.

I will teach and help you with everything you need to know about building your own spa, hot tub, or swim spa yourself, regardless of what your DIY skill levels are and at a cost, YOU determine YOU can afford. As my customer, I’ll work with you at your own pace until your project is done and comes to life! For over 25 years now I’ve been helping people just like you, build their own hot tubs, spas, and swim spa projects. So, are you’re ready to let me help you build your project? Then what are you waiting for, let’s do this!

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