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How to Build a Hot Tub
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Learn How to Build Your Own Custom Spa, Hot Tub, Plunge Pool, Swim Spa, Cocktail Pool or Exercise Pool!

  • You Get The Ultimate Guide information package for Building Your Own Spa, Hot Tub, Plunge Pool, Swim Spa, Cocktail Pool or Exercise Pool
  • Includes Six E-Books Packed with Industry Knowledge Plus 2 DIY Bonus Books covering a number of awesome must have backyard projects that are not hard to do
  • Unlimited FREE Over-the-Phone Industry Expert Consultation and Personal Coaching
  • Plus a 2.5 Hour Instructional Video That Walks you Through a Step by Step process for building a Hot tub

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Meet the Expert, Gene Trumbull

Custom Built Spas is A Veteran Owned DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Business established in 1999 by Gene Trumbull. Gene understands the desire and satisfaction fellow DIY enthusiasts get by being able to construct different kinds of projects for themselves. What he also came to understand was when he was looking into building a hot tub, there was virtually no high quality information for doing this type of project available anywhere. Oh sure you could find a few videos on YouTube with all kinds of crazy ways to construct a spa or hot tub. But most of this stuff quite honestly, produced results you would not be proud to have in your backyard.

In addition, the information you could find, lacked far too many important essential details, critical to someone working to complete a successful spa or hot tub project. Armed with that knowledge, Gene made it his mission and desire to turn building a spa or hot tub into a very doable, quality DIY project not only for himself, but for others as well. Long story short that was over 17 years ago!

Since then, Gene has become one of the nations recognized leading authorities on spa, hot tub, swim spa, plunge pool and exercise pool building. He has been interviewed by industry magazines such as Pool & Spa News and articles on his project manuals have been posted on several prominent "handyman" web sites over the last several years, plus he has countless customer completed projects not just in the US but around the world!

But here is what is so unique about what Gene and Custom Built Spas offers to anyone buying his spa, hot tub, swim spa, plunge pool and cocktail pool building information package. He gives them FREE one on one personalized coaching help on their own project until it’s done. As Gene puts it, “I become your personal spa building Coach!” Think about this for a minute, who does that these days? Don't most internet sites make it almost impossible to get to a real person! So read on through the rest of the site pages and get excited about what you can learn how to do with Gene's FREE help.

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Real Results from our clients

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  • Zack L. In WA enjoying his hot tub on a snowy day.  Top pick of Custom Built Spas
  • Hottub built by my customer Sebi T. In Wethersfield ct
  • My hot tub with the new color changing light
  • Wow! Michelle thank you for using #custom_built_spas to help build your own spa! Looks absolutely wonderful!
  • Bob your completed spa indoors looks great! Thanks for submitting this picture. #custom_built_spas
  • Another successful spa! Thanks Eddie for sending me a picture of your finished product! #custom_built_spas
  • Thank you for submitting the finished product looks great! #custom_built_spas
  • Another great #custom_built_spas! Thanks for sending in this pic. Looks like you are really enjoying your #custom_built_spa!
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