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DIY hot tub

Feb 2, 2018 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

If you’ve been poking around the internet looking at the possibility of building a DIY hot tub, it can be very confusing. No disrespect to legitimate info providers but there is a lot of crap out there. I know this for a fact because surf the net looking at what’s being put out there myself.

In 18 years of helping customers build their own hot tubs, I’ve seen so much misleading information and so many articles designed to discourage you from ever considering a project like this. Why, because it’s being published or put out there to steer you into buying one of those ho hum ordinary plastic hot tubs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of nice portable spa units out there and they may suit your needs just fine. However, the more you look at them the more you will realize that they are all quite similar. There’s nothing unique or “custom” about them and they all pretty much offer the same options, unlike a DIY hot tub where the sky is the limit as to what you can build.

Here is something else that you may not know, building a DIY hot tub for your home can often add a nice chunk of equity value increase to your home. A portable spa or hot tub adds nothing and depreciates significantly shortly after it is bought and installed. This is important to know because you don’t want the hard-earned money you spend to loose value in a depreciating asset, you want the money you spend to give you a return in as many ways as it possibly can, right! Permanently installed hot tubs can do that for you.

Ok, so let’s switch gears here a little. I’ve made my case of why you should consider a DIY hot tub, let’s look at just what is involved. Just to get this out of the way, the first question I usually get is, “so how much is it going to cost me”. You’ll be surprised to know that quite often it costs less to build a hot tub than it does to buy one, think about that for a minute! I build, I can gain equity value, I buy I lose money.

In my information package, I cover in detail all the considerations to look at when contemplating a DIY hot tub. Most of this you’ll find to be common sense stuff. The most important part of the whole project is going to be the base, what the hot tub will be sitting on. It is not that difficult to do but it will be key in determining the longevity of you DIY hot tub project. And because we use block construction for the walls, the biggest push back I get is, “oh my friends tell me the walls will crack”. (NOTE to SELF)! Don’t consult with friends on your project, they are not the experts in doing this. Their well-meaning advice can cost you a lot of money. Block construction is perfectly acceptable and has been used for years.

One of the biggest DIY hot tub advantages is size, there are no restrictions. Portables however, have several restrictions, lack of depth being the biggest complaint I get from my hot tub building customers. In a portable as an average size adult, sitting in a seating area, the water will come up to about halfway up your chest area, very uncomfortable in cooler or cold weather.

A DIY hot tub can be any depth you want it, problem solved. The reason for the lack of depth in portable hot tubs is because they are designed to fit through a 36” wide door when on their side. The second biggest complaint is lack of footwell area room, everybody is always kicking everyone else. The third complaint I hear is that the contoured seat areas are uncomfortable and restrictive, you can’t just move around at will.

All these problems are solved with a DIY hot tub that is custom built just the way you want it. Plus, on the performance side, we can make the water action as gentle as you want, or we can make it so you need a seat belt to keep from being blown off the sitting area.

The last objection I typically get is, “I don’t have a lot of DIY experience”. No problem, the information I put in my books is so detailed that it doesn’t matter if you don’t even know which end of a screwdriver to use. Plus, I help you with your project until it’s up and running and beyond. You won’t find anyone else on the “net” in this field that is willing to give you that kind of support, I guarantee it.

So now what are you waiting for? Let’s get going on your DIY hot tub project! Get my info package, go through the information and let’s get going!

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