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Taking Concerns and Apprehensions out of DIY Hot Tub Projects

May 12, 2016 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

Maybe you haven’t noticed this but the DIY, (do it yourself) phenomena has been coming on like gangbusters over the last several years. It used to be that if you needed to get something done, most likely you hired professionals to do it for you. But without the luxury of having a little extra disposable income for some of these projects like many people used to have before the big recession, you’re left with two choices, go without or learn how to do it yourself! A DIY Hot tub would very likely be one of these projects.

If you’re a homeowner who would like to learn how to do more projects around your home, you’ve likely watched some of the TV shows like “Yard Crashers”, “Bath Crashers”, “Kitchen Crashers”, “House Crashers” just to name a few. These are great shows to give you ideas for your own home, but it goes without saying a lot of preparation and planning takes place before the crasher crews ever descend on the lucky homeowner’s property.

Squeezing the amount of work they do in just a couple of days, makes these projects look a lot simpler than they really are. The pre-planning and co-ordination takes several weeks, plus all the proper permits must be secured ahead of time. Because of the time line involved, it would be hard to squeeze in a DIY Hot tub project on one of these shows.

Understand too that professional build crews with years of experience in their respective fields are brought in to work on these projects. This helps drastically in reducing the time required to complete the project as a whole. The homeowner’s friends are delegated to all the grunt work that the professionals would simply hire unskilled labor to do. They systematically assign these people tasks that take more brawn than actual skill.

Your DIY Hot tub venture

So, where does that leave you, the homeowner that wants to do these types of jobs on his or her own? Some of you will boldly go where you’ve never gone before, understanding that you will likely make some mistakes, but realize that making mistakes is part of the learning experience! When you do a DIY Hot tub project, you have an experienced coach to help you, (me), anytime you have a question.

A lot of you will likely sit back and say to yourself, “oh, I can’t do that!” What you’re really saying is, “I can’t do that on my own, I need someone to help me!” No doubt many of you have seen video clips of the countless DIY projects on YouTube, there are thousands of them. However, what happens if something is not clear to you or you’re stuck and don’t know how to go on to the next step? Happens all the time. This stops most timid DIYers in their tracks because they are afraid to make mistakes and I get that, nobody likes to make mistakes. But, we all make them, it’s just part of life. I have DIY hot tub customers call me with mistakes they make and I help them get back on track all the time.

At Custom Built Spas I’ve been helping people with DIY hot tub projects for over 15 years now, teaching them how to build their own spas, hot tubs, swim spas and more. So how is Custom Built Spas different than all the others that offer DIY books, videos, instructions etc.…? The huge difference is, I actually encourage my customers to call me and or email me anytime during their projects if they have any questions or challenge doing any of the steps of their projects. This is personal help/coaching I give my customers that goes beyond my highly detailed books and video. I want your DIY hot tub project to be a success, period. And here’s the exciting part. Most of you are perfectly capable of doing these types of project and get professional results. The big difference is generally going to be the time it takes you to complete your project. Accept that as a novice DIYer, you’re likely going to be a lot slower, have a few more challenges and certainly have more questions. But how cool is it to have someone with tons of experience that you can actually contact by email or call and talk to anytime for help with your project. It’s that personal guidance that makes all the difference between a DIYer doing a project or not doing a project. I remove the concern of not having anyone to help you!

If you have any doubts about whether I actually really do this for my customers, read the following recent review, (one of many I have on file or have posted on my testimonial page).

“The spa construction methods offered by Gene Trumbull and Custom Built Spas are comprehensive, easy to follow, and truly do allow home owners with average tool using skills and a little common sense to build a spa that will rival anything out there.  The initial purchase of the spa equipment pack and construction manual are only the beginning of a rewarding spa building experience though.  Gene makes himself available for guidance and problem solving on line or by phone and provides a level of service that is hard to find anywhere.  The equipment packages offered by Custom Built Spas provide exceptional value, and once you start your project, Gene Truly does become your “personal spa building coach”.  The service doesn’t stop when your project is finished, however.  When maintenance or repairs are required, Gene continues to make himself available to help diagnose any potential problems and coach you through any needed maintenance.”

-Jim S. – MO

So go ahead and take the next step! Get your spa and hot tub building info package right now on line! Go through the information, then call me about getting started on your spa or hot tub project! Visit

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I will teach and help you with everything you need to know about building your own spa, hot tub, or swim spa yourself, regardless of what your DIY skill levels are and at a cost, YOU determine YOU can afford. As my customer, I’ll work with you at your own pace until your project is done and comes to life! For over 25 years now I’ve been helping people just like you, build their own hot tubs, spas, and swim spa projects. So, are you’re ready to let me help you build your project? Then what are you waiting for, let’s do this!

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