In Ground Hot tub

                            DIY inground hot tub built by Russ M.                         

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a spa or hot tub, you may have wondered if an inground hot tub would be an option you should consider. In my opinion, yes you absolutely should consider this option. However, there are several questions you should answer for yourself first.

Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Do I have the space needed for an inground hot tub or spa?
  • Do my property lines and set back requirements conform to my towns codes for an inground hot tub installation?
  • Will there be any issues running gas, electrical or water lines that may be required?
  • Do I need to do a full inground hot tub installation or would a partial inground installation make more sense for my plans?
  • Will the cost for an inground hot tub installation be prohibitive for my budget?
  • Can I do this type of installation myself or do I need to hire contractors?
  • Will an in ground hot tub add equity value to my home?

Of course you may have other important questions to ask yourself but the above questions are the most common one’s people ask me. It’s also handy information to know that not all DIY type hot tubs or spas have to be inground hot tub installations. An above ground set up might fit your plans very well and offer advantages for you instead of the inground installation.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean regarding an Inground Hot Tub:

(1) less labor for the installation, (2) if you have a yard that could possible experience some surface flooding, you should opt for an above ground or partial above installation. (3) An above ground installation will likely be safer if there are small children in your family, less likely to have a child tumble in accidentally. (4) Access for maintenance or service will typically be easier for the above ground hot tub.

Those are just a few considerations but again, it’s all about the look and esthetics you’re going for that will dictate how you construct your project. You may find that after considering all the options of above or inground hot tub construction, you still have questions that you need input for before you make that final decision.

Feel free to contact me anytime or visit Custom Built Spas to get my spa and hot tub building information. Tons of details are covered for these projects in my info package that will be an immense help to for your own project. Here is a picture of recently completed inground hot tub by one of my customers.

DIY backyard hot tub

Beautiful back yard in ground hot tub

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