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Plunge Pools and Cocktail Pools Revisited

Jan 25, 2019 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

Plunge Pools and Cocktail Pools – Still the Fastest Growing “Must Haves” for Gen X and Baby Boomers?

So just what’s driving the popularity of Plunge Pools and Cocktail Pools? Why do they continue to be the new rage? I stated once before that I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy just relaxing in a nice clean body of water, warm or cool. And, it’s pretty common knowledge that for most of us, water provides one of the best environments for relaxing and for exercising. Water exercise is typically low impact with less joint strain, good for tired or injured muscles and suitable for just about anyone, regardless of their age or shape they may be in.

A low intensity water type workout is excellent for anyone starting or on their journey of getting back in shape. Maybe you’re just looking for a means to do a low impact cardio type workout. A refreshing water environment is a perfect means to accomplish both a low impact workout and low impact cardio exercises. Best of all you can just stop, float and relax anytime you want.

So… just what is a Plunge Pool or Cocktail Pool anyway? Simply put; both are much like a hot tub, swim spa or exercise pool, just without the jets. They can be smaller or shorter than a typical swim spa. And because of the smaller size alone, you can save as much as $3000 to $5000 over the cost of a fully outfitted swim spa unit.

A plunge pool or cocktail pool can typically be anywhere from around 8’ to 10’ square, round or rectangular water vessel, (sometimes larger), with a water depth anywhere you want it. Cocktail pools commonly have depths around 38” to 42” and plunge pools can be as much as 48” to 54”. Some users may want a little more depth than that. I say go for it, there are no rules for the size, shape or depth of a plunge pool. It’s also not uncommon to have access steps on one side, but still giving you ample room to relax, cool off or do many water exercise routines.

Plunge pools and cocktail pools may or may not be heated, but they will always have water circulation and filtration systems to keep the water clean and clear. Seats are not always installed in plunge pool; however you certainly could put seating in if you wanted to. Cocktail pools on the other hand typically will have perimeter sitting for you and your guests lounging and sipping cocktails, (hence the name). Some owners may opt to install a few water jets as a personal option. And of course, lighting is a more common option found in a cocktail pool than in a plunge pool. Why, for setting the “mood”.

So why wouldn’t you just go out and buy a small above ground portable pool to relax or exercise in? You certainly could, however, many above ground pools lack the strength and integrity required for a true plunge pool or exercise pool. Plus, the esthetics just don’t cut it for those seeking the ambiance of a cocktail pool. Adults aren’t’ looking for something that resembles a “kiddy pool”. With above ground pools, even the smallest ones are larger in size than what you may need or want. Therefore, the cost of cleaning, filtering and heating an above ground unit, (if you were to be heated), will cost you more per month than most built from scratch plunge pools. Above ground pools offer only two shape options, round or oval. And, above ground pools don’t offer much of the way of “curb” appeal for those of us who want to dress up our back yard environments with a little something unique and different just for adults.

Above ground pools will always have a market place, but that market tends to be younger families on tighter budgets who have also realized that taking vacations with children can be an expensive proposition. Kids love a backyard pool and what’s the first thing you hear when you go on vacation with kids, where’s the pool? They want to go right to the pool to play in the water. The money parents can save by not going on a couple expensive vacations will likely pay for a back yard above ground pool for their kids.

Another thing you should know is that money spent on an above ground pool is rarely recovered in the future value of a home, it’s a depreciation asset. That’s just the way it is with most portable amenities. The value is in the use you get out of it and enjoy while you have it.

When we take a deeper look into the plunge pool or cocktail pool owner, we find that they will most likely be a person who’s a little older, probably 30’s plus, hardworking adult or couple that wants something much nicer in their back yard than a “vinyl filled puddle”. They what their plunge pool or cocktail pool to be a functional part of their backyard theme. A place where they as adults can go to relax and entertain friends. Additionally, they realize the plunge pool or cocktail pool is going to be a permanent fixture that could very well add equity value to their home. Thus, it becomes an investment that’s a justified expense that could yield a return in the future. Below are just a few examples of Plunge Pools that I think really hit the mark!

DIY Cocktail Pool under construction   DIY Cocktail Pool built in deck

DIY Cocktail Pool   DIY Plung Pool

Here’s an interesting fact: An 8’ square masonry built plunge pool 54” deep holds about 2100 gallons of water. A 14’ foot round above ground pool, 4’ deep, holds over twice as much water. That means at least twice as much water to heat and treat compared to the masonry built Plunge pool built to a size exactly the way you want it.

Custom Built Spas DIY Plunge Pool building manual is now available and part of our All NEW DIY Spa and Hot tub building information package for 2019. I’ll teach you the basics of building a Plunge Pool, I show you a basic cost breakdown that will definitely surprise you, (in a good way)! Plus, I can supply you with all the equipment you need to outfit and operate a plunge pool. Visit now and get your information package. I can’t wait to help you get started with your project!

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