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The Spool

Feb 6, 2017 | Building or Buying a Hot Tub

What is a Spool? Before I answer that, let me ask you this. How nice would it be to have a Spa and or a Small Pool? That’s exactly what a Spool is! The word is just an acronym for a water feature that doubles as a spa with soothing jets and enough of a pool area to relax or soak in.

The reality is that the idea of a Spool isn’t anything new. It’s kind of like what some of your high end “swimspas” have been doing for years. They provide combination units that are a small pool with swim jets, then attach a spa with jets at one end or one side.

the spool or spa swim spa combination

Above is just one example of one model that has been available in the retail market.

The Spool however will typically use the same body of water and not be separated by a plenum as you see above with a spa/swim-spa. Here are a couple of examples of spools built by a couple of my customers with no separation wall. Both the units below have spa jets at one end.

Spool Examples

example: spa, spool, swim spa combo Spool or Plunge Pool Example

The spool set up can be quite versatile with regards to how you use it. For us adults the spa jets feature is certainly welcomed after a hectic or stressful work day. And for any children you may have, you know how excited they get when they have an opportunity to play in a pool.

Although heating this unit, is not necessarily required, for those who live in colder climate areas, heating will extend the seasonal use as much as several weeks. In the southern climates, you may be able to use a spool year-round without heating it at all. And, as far as keeping the spool clean and sanitized, there really is no difference than the processes and options you have for any other spa or pool.

In my spa building information package that you can get at, my free bonus books cover the basics for building not only a spool, but plunge pools and cocktail pools as well. The basic structure for any of these units is quite similar. The difference generally revolves around how the water vessel is outfitted.

The part that most people really like about a spool is that it’s not a costly project to undertake! In some cases you may be able to complete a spool for less than a couple of thousand dollars. In addition, the spool makes a great DIY project. Should you decide to build one of these units after purchasing my info package, you’ll get my same offer of FREE help and coaching until your project is done. The same offer I provide with my DIY spa and hot tub builders.

Let me say to any of you reading this article that have an interest in the spool as an amenity for your backyard, get my book collection and DVD, go over all the material then feel free to contact me with any questions you might have on doing your own project. I’m looking forward to talking to you and working with you real soon!

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