Will 2018 be Your Hot tub Year

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Happy New Year to all my readers and followers! It seems that the rumor mill is buzzing with optimism in regards to the economy in the pool and spa industry. Many of the pool and spa industry gurus are predicting a great Hot Tub Year after the past few years of depressed sales. All industries have their ups and downs but not all industries are so closely tied to the economy as the pool and spa industry is. People just don’t buy luxury items when money is tight. Even the DIY guy or gal holds back on projects they may be considering. But the feast or famine cycle is already showing positive signs of being headed to the up-slope of feast again.

What does that mean for those of you considering getting a pool, hot tub/spa, plunge pool or swim spa making it your hot tub year? It means the retailers will more likely be willing to give you better deals on their products. And, for those of you bitten by the DIY bug, the more stable economy could mean that now is the time to build that DIY hot tub, spa, plunge pool or swim spa you’ve always wanted and I’m ready to help you!

For home owners, permanently installed hot tubs, spas or swim spas can add equity value to your home, (unlike manufactured units which add little to no value). In addition, when you build a unit yourself, you get to build exactly what you what! You don’t have to settle for just what a retailer has available, which often forces you to pay for extras you don’t even want. That’s why I like to mention that DIY doesn’t just stand for Do It Yourself, it also means Do It Your way.

For 18 years now Custom Built Spas has been working hand to hand with the enthusiastic DIY community as well as some small business owners, teaching them the basic ins and outs of simple spa, hot tub, plunge pool and swim spa construction along with the mechanics associated with them. We help make it a great hot tub year every year. I know for a fact that these customers have saved thousands of dollars over store bought tubs just by deciding on building their own projects their way, (along with the FREE help provided by me during their project until it’s completed).

How does my free help benefit you? You can contact me anytime for parts, parts selection advice, install advice, design advice, and much more. Who does that? Very few businesses, that I can assure you of. So, go ahead, take look through my customer gallery page https://www.custombuiltspas.com/examples-of-custom-hot-tubs/  and my customer testimonial page https://www.custombuiltspas.com/testimonials/  and you will see that I do exactly what I say I will do and you will get to see some awesome projects completed by DIY customers. Below are a couple of sample picture.

DIY hot tub built in CA  DIY customer built hot tub  DIY Hot tub built in WI

DIY hot tub project built in back yard  Spa SwimSpa San Diego CA

My spa and hot tub building books with DVD video information package is so detailed, that I’ve taken people with no previous DIY experience before and helped them complete some really awesome spa and hot tub projects.

Some of you may still be thinking about spending the money, I get it! So, let me say this, I can share with you ways to save a ton money on projects that I guarantee you few others in this pool and spa industry would be willing to share with you!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make 2018 the year of your hot tub project! Visit my website, www.custombuiltspas.com, look over what I offer in my books and a video. It’s a comprehensive info package showing you just how to build anyone of these projects not all by yourself, but with my FREE help!

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